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Revolution beyond innovation

All-new BROON T870


The sophisticated design, state of the art mechanism, the maximum level of safety, and the smart technology, Broon certainly deserves to be entitled the ultimate toy of wonders. Evert aspect of BROON perfectly displays the identity of a real car. Not just a car, it is a supercar for your kids.




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BROON T870 is the most beautiful, the most perfect in size, space and safety. It’s a shape that says there’s a new benchmark for off-road style ride-on cars.



Broon T870 4WD



Truth in Engineering

A trademark of BROON’s lineup is the amount of advanced technology that you will find out in each vehicle. For over 10 years, BROON has been dedicated to making a standard through diverse technologies that span innovation. Through innovative and talented BROON engineers, all-new BROON T870 is an innovative vision of performance featuring technologically advanced powertrain and smart safety system running based on Android OS.



Life is made of moments

Our goal for over the last ten years has been to provide the children with only the fun and pleasure of driving experiences. What we offer is like nothing you’ll see anywhere else – electric vehicles of distinctive power driving by made in BROON. If you keep your eyes open enough, you will drive where you see. Whether that’s a blazing trail through the urban jungle – or cross-country. T870 is the latest electric vehicle at home in the city as it is on tougher trails. And imagine the way you run when you grow up.






The Ultimate 4WD All-terrain suitability

Whether driving on or off-road, full-time 4WD provides maximum powered motors with 7 series of 24 voltage. It digitally and independently controls to the all wheels, providing both improved range and faster acceleration. All-wheel drive dual motor pairs the high performance rear motor with a high efficiency front motor to achieve super acceleration. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and cutting-edge electronic control system with Cortex M3 32bit CPU based on Android smart system independently regulate the suspension units to reduce body lean in corners, improving handling and comfort.



T870 Essence

The inside of T870 going through the wind has various mechanical devices and high technology electronic devices connected together precisely and organically without a single exemption. They interact to one another endlessly and promptly: the observation of topography is gone through tens of times per second and distributes the power and scatters the shocks while the vehicle is moving. However, you would never know how the inside of T870 is performing its movements because it is running through so smoothly and in comfort. All we have to do is to feel the astonishing performance and soft sensation of T870.


Full-time 4x4

7 Series of 24-voltage Powered Dual Motors

BROON T870 has a new generation of powered dual motors. BROON T870 outshines its competitors with 24-voltage of turbo power and dramatically improved torque. A new 7 series in the T870 boosts power and torque dramatically but saves power consumption by 30%. The advanced encoder controls handling that is precise and refined by exactly calculating the rpm of motor and sending the real-time driving data to main controller continually.


New Gearbox with built-n helical gear

New Gearbox with its built-in helical gear

The new gearbox of T870 incorporates the industry’s first limited-slip differential system to improve power transmission by sending the motor’s torque to the wheels continually. For improved drive performance and power efficiency, T870’s gearbox employs the helical gear used in the motor vehicle.

Limited Slip Differential Gear System


Limited-Slip Differential System

BROON T870 is engineered with the limited-slip differential gear system that offers a steady smooth ride and precise steering feel. The industry’s first technology solves the problem that the inside wheel losses traction and it spins freely by splitting the power at different levels between two wheels when the car makes turn.


Full-time 4WD System

BROON T870 has equipped with the industry’s first full-time wheel drive. To help you negotiate rugged terrain, T870 has the electronically controlled system that evenly distributes power to both rear wheels.


Rack & Pinion 2

Rack & Pinion Electronic Steering System

BROON T870 is engineered with the electric rack & pinion steering system that offers the perfect steering and handling. The industry’s first steering system has the acoustic sensors and delivers the ideal steering in virtually every driving situation.


The precise multilink steering system of BROON T870 teams perfectly with its adaptive suspension system. The advanced steering system helps maximize handling, responsiveness and enhanced stability.


Adaptive Suspension with the gas-pressurized shock absorbers

For rugged off-road capability with confident on-road performance, the 4-wheel double-wishbone suspension of BROON T870 consists of upper and lower A-arm, coil springs and gas-pressurized shock absorbers.


Adaptive Suspension


Spoke wheel and Urethane Tire

Unlike the traditional Wheels of competitors, BROON T870 grips the road via high-performance urethane foam tire and precision-crafted spoke wheel. The high-performance wheels are sized up to optimize power delivery and steering feel by considerably reducing the noise and vibration from the road.


A Sliding Type Dashboard


A Sliding type Dashboard

BROON T870 comes with the sliding type dashboard with instrument cluster, steering wheel, main controller, gear shift lever, start/stop button. The modular-package enables you to install this dashboard into the bodywork with no special tools required.


Cortex M3 32bit processor-based main controller

The cortex M3 32bit processor-based main controller is installed into the bottom plate of dashboard. This controller can be installed or removed easily through the PCMCIA slot. This has the USB slot and can be easily upgraded through its USB slot.


Electromechanical Gear Shift Lever

Electromechanical gear shift lever

The gearshift lever is placed to be close maneuvering-close with your hands on the steering wheel. And this offers instant control of gear changes at any time and lets you enjoy dynamic driving. This also enables you to control the driving simulation and game like a joystick device.


Stereo Speakers

Broon T870 comes with the high-end stereo speaker and this speaker lets you stream the music from your digital audio device without a cable.


Electrically-applied acceleration and brake pedals

BROON T870 has equipped with the electrically-applied acceleration and brake pedals to regulate driving more precisely. The electromechanical pedals helps you drive your car by selecting the drive mode depending on you driving experiences. They can be used as an input device in simulation or game modes.


Voice recognition

BROON T870 supports voice recognition feature. The advanced technology lets you control how the car works with your natural voice.



Smart System running Android OS

BROON T870 comes with 7-inch Tablet PC running Android OS to offer more intelligent drive than ever. 7-inch high-resolution instrument cluster displays driving system, vehicle settings and entertainment, T870 is the entire suite of the groundbreaking driving status features.


Display of instrument cluster

  • Speed Gauge Bar: displays the speed of the vehicle by the gauge bar
  • Speed of vehicle: displays the current speed of the vehicle
  • Total Driving Distance / Available Driving Distance: displays the information by the arrow
  • Speed Level: displays the current speed level of the vehicle
  • Drive Mode: shows the drive mode of the vehicle
  • Transmission status: displays the current transmission status of the vehicle
  • Current Status: displays the real time current value of battery
  • Battery Indicator: displays the status of signal lights
  • Status Bar: users can check the status of Wi-Fi, lights, controller type, and lock in this option

Menu of Instrument Cluster

  • Speed: moves to the speed setting window
  • Mode: move to the driving mode setting window
  • Control: moves to the controller setting window
  • Brake: moves to the brake setting window
  • Light: moves to the vehicle light setting window
  • Lock: moves to the tablet PC lock setting window
  • MP3: moves to the MP3 player window
  • Setting: moves to the vehicle information and setting window

Setting the speed limit

Setting the speed limit

This option enables you to select the speed limit depending on the driving skills and age of your kid. The car is programmed not to break the preset speed limit via a main control unit.


Setting the drive mode

This option enables you to choose the drive mode in the instrument display according to the driving skills of your kid. Comfort mode is the standard display. Normal mode is selected for moderate acceleration and Dynamic mode is selected for dynamic drive./p>




Setting Brake mode

The AUTO mode of BROON T870 enables the inexperienced driver to apply the braking by taking the foot off the acceleration pedal. Breaking pedal does not work when AUTO mode is activated. BROON T870 enables you to step on the brake pedal and stop the car by changing the drive mode to MANUAL. This mode offers even more dynamic driving experience.


Setting the lights

The headlights and daylights of the vehicle can be turned on and off. The signal lights works through the buttons on the steering wheel, and the brake lights are functioning just like a real car as the lights are connected to the vehicle drive system.


Music and Video Play

Music and video can be played through the multimedia system of T870. You can watch vivid video thanks to the 7’’ Tablet PC in the dash. Audio can be played through the car’s sound system.




When you are notified of warning alert but the car does not seem to work properly, you can implement the self-diagnosis. This mode does not allow you to enter the car. You will be prompted to take actions necessary to implement the self-diagnosis.


T870, HENES’s Best Car meets Android

With the Android-based 7’’ tablet PC, you’re always connected with your favorite multimedia contents. With all-new apps available on Google Play, you can enjoy the multimedia contents on BROON T870. BROON T870 offers you a new tool to connect to the world.


T870 HENES meets Android1


Extensible HDMI connectivity to any monitor or TV

7’’ tablet of BROON T870 has the HDMI connector and it enables you to enjoy the video contents by connecting this to any high-res TV monitor or TV.


Sharing Contents on the Cloud


Sharing contents on the Cloud

BROON T870 enables you to share various multimedia contents from your devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs and smart TV on the cloud.


Electronic speed, drive mode control system

BROON T870 comes with the touch-screen type of electric automatic transmission to set the 5 different speed limits as you want. This leading-edge technology of HENES can help prevent the dangers of quick start and sudden braking for a steady and smooth ride.

Auto-Manual Braking System

The AUTO mode of BROON T870 enables the inexperienced driver to apply the breaking by the foot of the accelerator pedal. BROON T870 enables you to step on the brake pedal and stop the car by changing the drive mode to MANUAL. This mode offers even more dynamic experience.

3-Step Driving Modes

BROON T870 offers the 3-step driving modes depending on individual driving behaviors and experiences. This mode comes equipped with Comfort, Normal and Dynamic, Dynamic mode encourages a dynamic and exciting driving style.

  • Comfort Mode – The start and stop is so soft that milk doesn’t get spilt from a cup.

  • Normal Mode – It also starts and stops softly, but has better response than Comfort mode.

  • Dynamic Mode – The response to the accelerator and brake is high and it is suitable for the children who are skilled enough to drive.

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Radio Control

Bluetooth 4.0 LE compatible radio control

The radio control provided with BROON T870 is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology. Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology works properly without any interference or malfunction in any circumstances. The BLE 4.0-compatible control supports more precise steering and also has emergency button which is available in any emergency situation.
*Vibration Function of radio control – The system can detect if you are staying out of the range, if so, the system can warn you by vibrating its radio control and the car stops when the pairing is deactivated.

Proportional Radio Control

Proportional Radio Control

The 2.4GHz transmissions utilized in the radio control of BROON T870 prevents any interference and lets you regulate the steering and speed as precisely as you want. The industry-leading innovation offers precise steering and handling that you have never experienced on other cars before.

Active Safe Drive System 3

Active system for safe driving

The built-in main controller of Broon T870 monitors your driving speed or RPM speed by using the acoustic sensors while you are driving if it sesnses a car trouble is likely, it alerts you to take necessary actions. BROON T870’s intelligent system will warn you of other car trouble or any emergency situations. This lets you take necessary actions against this situation.

Removable Battery Pack

The 24-voltage battery of BROON T870 is packed with the removable pack and placed in the hood. Unlike the existing clip-on installation, this enhanced connections offers safer installation of battery and enables you to charge the battery in your home. The switch is included to prevent the battery from discharging.

Smart BMS (Battery Management System)

The BMS (Battery Management System) of BROON T870 enables you to check the percentage of battery left and available driving distance on the instrument cluster of 7’’ tablet.

Driving Simulation and Game Mode

Driving Simulation and Game Mode

BROON T870 supports the driving simulation mode. The mode is designed to help you experience car driving in the different driving situations by using the steering wheel or gearshift lever. This mode offers the inexperienced kids car driving education and entertainment. (The apps will be provided on the Google Play store in the future)

Game and Education

T870 Tablet PC enables you to download and enjoy a variety of education program and games on the Google play store. The convenience device such as the steering wheel enable you to control these entertainment contents like a joystick.


Exceptional design combined with excellent offroad capabilities

Modular easy-to-install lights


Light package of BROON T870 is installed into the modular bumper and easy to install thanks to its modular package. Front package includes head lamp, day light and turning light. Rear package includes tail lamp, brake light, rear light and turning light.

Doors, Bonnet and Gauge

Doors, Bonnet and Trunk


BROON T870 lets you unlock the doors and bonnet for the children’s safe driving.


Leather bucket seat


The bucket seat of BROON T870 is made by extremely drying process to keep the leather supple and breathable – technics usually reserved for exquisite leather acessories. This seat is also ergonomiccaly designed to ensure comfort of the driver.

4-point seat belt


Unlike the traditional 2-point seat belt, BROON T870 has adopted the 4-point seat belt to minimize the damage in critical situation and ensure an even greater feeling of safety in every driving situation.

Ergonomical Seat

Ergonomically perfect seat positioning


Unlike the limited space of its predecessors, BROON T870’s spacious seat offers comfort for the driver. The seat makes it easy to keep your ideal driving position.




  • Motor: Dual 24V 16,000rpm 7 series DC Motor
  • Power: Rated 240W
  • Battery: 24V 7Ah Lead Acid
  • Max Speed: 8km/h
  • Driving Distance: 10-15 km (1 time charge)
  • Seat Capacity: 35kg





  • CPU: ARM Cortex –M3 32bit
  • PWM Switching: MOS FET X 12
  • Heat Sink: Aluminum
  • Cooling Method: Air Cooled
  • Cooling Fan: Automatic cooling fans with low noise interlocking temperature
  • Temperature Sensor: Electronic Temperature Sensor
  • Rotation Sensor: Adjustable resistance direction sensor
  • Voltage Measurement: Built-in electronic voltage measuring device
  • Current measurement: Built-in electronic current measuring device





  • Door: Block-type detachable module (open/close)
  • Hood: Detachable module (open/close)
  • Trunk: Detachable module (open/close)
  • Bumper: Connected detachable module
  • Fender: Vehicle frame attached
  • Head Light: High-brightness LED lamps (electronic on/off)
  • Day Light: High-brightness LED lamps (electronic on/off)
  • Signal Light: High-brightness LED lamps (electronic on/off) (works with steering wheel button and actual turning)
  • Rear Light: High-brightness LED lamps (works with brake)
  • Wheel: Spoke-type wheel (built-in bearing)
  • Tire: High-Density polyurethane foam tire / silver painted





  • Driving Method: Full-time 4WD
  • Suspension: 4WD independent gas-shock absorber (double wishbone)
  • Dashboard Connecting Method: Auto-sliding docking type
  • Dashboard: 7-inch Tablet PC smart system
  • Electronic Steering Wheel: 120 levels angle sensing type electronic steering wheel (self-auto centered)
  • Transmission: D-R electronic transmission (electronic 5-level speed convert / driving mode system interlocked)
  • Power Switch: Power-off prevention and auto-save function
  • Driving Gear Reducer: Connected differential helical gear reducer (built-in encoder)
  • Steering Gear Reducer: Rack & Pinion gear reducer (built-in steering angle detector)
  • Steering Module: Multi-link steering system (ball-joint method)
  • Accelerator Pedal: Electronic ratio control
  • Battery Pack: Rechargeable battery pack separable from vehicle
  • Seat: Bucket type urethane cushion leather seat designed ergonomically (separable from vehicle with one-touch button)
  • Seat Belt: 4 point supporting seat belt





  • Vehicle Information System: LED icon display device
  • Driving Information System: LED icon display device
  • Speaker: 2 channels stereo-sound quality speaker system
  • Audio System: MP3 player through USB and AUX



Remote Control


  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Core: 8051
  • OS: Osal of TI (Texas Instruments)
  • Chipset: TI (Texas Instruments CC2540)
  • Protocol: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (pairs only with BROON receiver)
  • MAC Address: BLE chip containing a unique 48-bit IEEE address
  • RF Performance: Receiver Sensitivity (Rx): -93dBm, Output Power (Tx): -4dBm



Safety Device


  • ASDC System: Active Safety Driving Control
  • Speed Connected to Steering System: Auto setup of steering motor speed and sensitivity according to vehicle speed
  • Driving Mode Select System: Comfort/Normal/Dynamic 3 levels of electronic driving mode select system
  • Braking Mode Select System: Auto/manual braking mode selection depending on the use of brake
  • Auto-diagnosis System: Real-time auto diagnosis for malfunction and emergency during operation



Smart System


  • Operating System: Android 4.2.2
  • CPU: Dual-Core 1.2GHz
  • Memory: Internal (Flash) 1GB, Internal SD Card 1GB
  • Display: 7 inch wide LCD (1024X600), TFT 256K
  • Wireless LAN: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.0
  • Touchscreen: Capacitive; 5 Point
  • I/O Port: HDMI / AUDIO / USB / SD Card
  • Audio Guidance System: Audio guidance for occurrence situation (7inch Tablet PC)
  • Display Guidance System: Video guidance for occurrence situation (7inch Tablet PC)
  • Battery Management System: Intelligence BMS through driving data
  • Self-diagnosis System: Real-time indication of malfunctioning and emergency situation with displaying vehicle warning)


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